Longhouse Capital Advisors is an independent firm without ownership ties to any commercial or investment banks.  Because of this, clients can be assured that we have no pecuniary interest in selling them a particular product or structure.  We believe that the client's financing approach should conform to the needs of the client, not the selling priorities of a bank.


We recognize that university and nonprofit managers and board members face growing demands from their stakeholders to ensure that complex financing arrangments are explainable, fairly arrived at and in the best interests of the institution.

Longhouse has developed extensive expertise in helping clients to manage competitive bidding processes for loan and bond-related services (credit enhancement, bond underwriting services, etc.).  The bidding processes we undertake are comprehensive and illuminating - both for our clients and the banks that seek to partner with them.

Our commitment to competitive processes and our deep knowledge of financial resources that are not always apparent to other firms allows clients and their boards to take comfort that they are fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities to their organizations.


Longhouse principals have over 30 years of investment and financial advisory experience and together have worked on college and nonprofit financings in 18 states.  We have worked in every market: fixed and variable rate, non-rated and rated, enhanced and unenhanced, taxable and tax-exempt.  We have also helped clients to obtain lines of credit and to complete privatized student housing projects.  This experience and our independence allows us to speak knowledgeably and honestly about the pros and cons of each financing approach.  We encourage you to review our Case Studies to learn more about the ways we assist our clients.

Our "Longhouse" Approach

Our firm is named after one of the earliest multi-family structures built by man - the longhouse.  The native american longhouse was a multi-family residence containing the extended matrilineal family. The longhouse was a symbol of diverse people working together to achieve a common purpose. We strive to emulate the longhouse spirit in helping each client to achieve their own unique goals. 
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