Grand View University, Des Moines, IA

"Grand View University has worked with Longhouse Capital Advisors on past debt financings and recently completed a $13.4 million private placement bond issuance to finance construction of our Student Center.  Longhouse was instrumental through the whole process including initial discussions on options for structuring the financing, requesting proposals from banks, negotiating terms with banks, communicating the planned financing to our Board of Trustees, document review and the final closing.  Especially helpful to me was the initial analysis prepared by Lindsay to review our overall debt structure and long term debt service projections with the new debt factored in.  I know our Board appreciated having an independent third party assist in the transaction and found the presentations from Michael to be very helpful for decision making purposes. 

The team at Longhouse has been a great partner to Grand View and Grand View is better off because of the councel and guidance provided by Longhouse.  Their advice and recommendations not only address near-term concerns but Michael and Lindsay work to understand the long term strategic direction of the institution and how debt financing fits into the strategic mix.  I would highly recommend Longhouse Capital Advisors to any higher education or not-for-profit entity seeking debt financing!"

Adam Voigts, Vice President for Administration and Finance


York College, York, NE

"I cannot tell you how grateful we are that you were able to help us achieve this financing!  We had started looking into refinancing about a year before you contacted us and we were not getting any positive results.  I will recommend your company to anyone that I hear is needing some long-term debt!"

Todd Sheldon, Vice President for Finance


Prairie Crossing Charter School, Grayslake, IL (PCCS)

"Longhouse Capital Advisors provided consulting services to Prairie Crossing Charter School (PCCS) for a direct placement bond issuance that closed in August of 2011.  With their knowledge and leadership our financial picture looks better than ever. As advisors, Lindsay and Michael worked with the school while they were with BMO Capital Markets and now with their own firm.  This is the third time we have worked with this team and they always have provided professional, timely, creative, and thoughtful leadership to the school.  When we began the process of our first public bond issuance in 2007 it was apparent that we were not the ideal candidate for the market based on our debt to equity profile, but our advisors were able to creatively work around this and secure financing that fell within our budget.  They worked tirelessly to keep the team of bankers and attorneys on track to close a deal that was on the edge of collapse.  On each round of our financing they not only advised the school, but also the bank professionals and attorneys involved.   It is a pleasure to provide them the highest recommendation to any organization needing their services."

Steve Achtemeier,  Board President of Prairie Crossing Charter School

The Neighborhood Academy, Pittsburgh, PA (TNA)

"The Neighborhood Academy hired Michael and Lindsay (at that time at BMO) to assess the viability of floating a tax-exempt bond to assist in the building of our new 7.8 acre campus and the raising of an endowment.  In the face of the 2008 market crash, banks unwilling to lend, and strong neighborhood resistance, Michael persevered, both optimistic and realistic about our chances of success.  We were impressed throughout the entire three year process, as Michael and Lindsay put together bank solicitation materials that drew 11 banks to the table, managed a large tax-exempt process which required great skill in coordinating the efforts between the bankers and the numerous lawyers, and advised The Neighborhood Academy every step of the way.  Michael was always available to answer questions at any moment, prepared multiple documents for Board and bank presentations, and was unendingly patient with a process that lasted one and a half years longer than expected.
Longhouse Capital Advisors are honest, constant, creative, persuasive, hardworking, plain-spoken, patient and tireless client advocates.  They are top knowledge-leaders in their profession.  The Neighborhood Academy gives LCA the highest possible of recommendations and commends Michael and Lindsay to anyone who is looking for creative financial advocacy and loyal partnership."

Jodie Moore, President & Co-Founder, The Neighborhood Academy 


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