Longhouse Capital Advisors' pre-financing services include the development of a debt financing Feasibility Study.  This is an extensive study which may include the following areas of review, and others, when appropriate.

1.     Review of the current financing landscape faced by the organization, focusing on the interest rates and terms experienced in recent financings of similarly-sized organizations and spotlighting the types of financial institutions with current appetite for such financings (both fixed and variable rate; taxable and tax-exempt).

 2.   Review of the organization’s current operating health and recent financial ratios, with an eye toward assessing readiness to access the capital markets.

 3.   A review of existing covenants for any debt outstanding and collateral position to determine the organization’s ability to issue debt.  This analysis can be done at a number of different borrowing levels, based on scenarios developed by the organization’s management. 

4.     A review of any debt outstanding for opportunities to refinance for savings and/or restructuring purposes. 

5.    An updating of the organization’s current operating projections to include projected debt service schedules and any capital campaign receipts.  The updated projections will be evaluated against expected covenant levels and subjected to a sensitivity analysis measuring the impact of changes in debt service levels and other operating expenses or revenue items on financial ratios and organization profitability. 

 6.    A review of the best timing for accessing the capital market.  If it is determined that the organization is immediately able to access the market and would like to do so, we will begin the financing process.  Alternatively, if the Feasibility Study indicates the organization should wait to access the markets, we will make recommendations as to the steps the organization can take to improve its financial readiness within 6-12 months or longer as needed.

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