Providing Customized Debt Advisory Services

Longhouse Capital Advisors, LLC provides colleges, universities, schools, cultural institutions and other nonprofit organizations with an extensive array of debt advisory and swap advisory services. We utilize a customized approach to every financing, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

    • Debt Advisory Services for Colleges and Nonprofits

      Wherever a college, university, school, cultural institution or nonprofit organization seeks advice on its debt, Longhouse is qualified and prepared to evaluate the financing opportunities available. If financing is feasible, we can assist in bringing the financing to a successful conclusion.

    Transaction Execution (Bond or Loan Issuance)

    In executing a financing, Longhouse works with management to assess the Borrower’s readiness to access the markets; helps to finalize a Plan of Finance; assists in preparing a Request For Proposal (RFP), and helps to evaluate financing partners prior to the closing process. Specific services include:

    • Construction of a plan of finance that meets the Borrower’s goals
    • Selection of underwriters through a competitive process
    • Advice on RFP’ing credit-enhancement (initial or replacement) or solicitation of private placement providers
    • Assistance to Clients in their negotiation of financial covenants
    • Leadership of transaction financing team
    • Rating agency assessments and presentations
    • Management of conduit issuer approvals
    • Evaluation of underwriter performance through comparable market transactions
    • Advice on investment of bond proceeds
    • Advocacy for the Borrower’s interests in document drafting

    Strategic Consulting Services

    Our strategic consulting may be utilized for longer-term and strategic debt planning. Specific services include:

    • Debt capacity studies
    • Revenue-based project feasibility studies
    • Drafting of Board debt, derivatives and liquidity policies
    • Fixed and variable rate debt risk assessment
    • Advice on planning capital campaigns to optimize later debt issuance
    • Advice on optimizing financial partner relationships
    • Advisory services and fairness opinions for new swaps
    • Advisory Services on the termination of existing swaps, including the novation of existing swaps to new partner

    Ongoing Services (Between Transactions)

    Whether or not Longhouse was involved in an existing financing, we can provide our comprehensive ongoing post-issuance services. These services may include:

    • Monitoring refinancing opportunities
    • Credit enhancement renewal and replacement
    • Monitoring of remarketer and LOC Bank performance
    • Form 990 Schedule K review and completion
    • Representation as a borrower’s Independent Registered Municipal Advisor (IRMA)
    • Calculation of swap mark-to-market positions for year-end audit and other purpose

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is a financial advisor or municipal advisor?

      Financial advisors provide financial services and guidance to their clients. Unlike banks and investment banks, who have a split duty to both the borrower and to their bank or to their investors, financial advisors serve only the borrower in a debt financing. Longhouse is registered as a Municipal Advisor, a specific type of financial advisor, with the SEC and MSRB and is focused on serving only the needs of the borrower in a debt financing.

    • What are types of financial advisors?

      Three types of financial advisors are outlined below. Virtually all of Longhouse’s work is in the second and third categories.

      1. Advisors to municipal entities (e.g. cities, states and other municipal subdivisions)
      2. Advisors to obligated persons (e.g. higher education, private schools, nonprofits, etc.)
      3. Derivative advisors/designated evaluation agents (e.g. hedging contract negotiation)

    • What is debt advisory?

      Debt advisory is when a qualified financial advisor supports a borrower through parts or all of a loan or bond transaction. Longhouse specializes in providing debt advisory services to colleges, universities, schools, cultural institutions and other nonprofit organizations.

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